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I am running a with a custom tune and not really happy with it. A local shop put it in for me. it acts like a 2 stroke. Slow until wide open throttle then balls to the wall. I would prefer some progressive power, and of course I want it fast but it ether goes slow or blows the tires off.
I will put my mods below. I don't pull anything with it just drive it back and forth to work.
I did have another truck try me the other day and didn't quit leave him like I thought I would.

2006 F250 4dr 4x4 automatic, on 38's
6.0 studded
K&N intake system
4"exh turbo back
63.5mm powermax turbo
175/30 injectors
fuel pressure regulator spring
EGR Delete kit
SCTx4 with custom tune.

Stock HEUI pump
No fuel pressure Adders

Turbo has quite a bit of lag.

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word to the wise
ditch the K&N filter

then preferred tunes ( Mine)

PHP ( Power Hungry Performance )

Gearhead ( Matt Robinson)

Suggest a PHP FICM tuner also
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