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6.0 Headache
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Hi Everybody

Im at a loss with figuring this out. My Truck will start up run perfect then it starts misfiring and then it get so bad and stall out. Sometimes white smoke sometime it doesn't. It does smell like raw diesel.

Now i have deleted the EGR. No coolant loss.

Fuel Pressure is holding 58PSI when is does stall.

The IPR is like 32% if i remember Correctly.

The ICP is reading normal. It goes up to about 900-1000 PSI when it stalls.

The Ficm Is 48V all through out.

I have done the bulletproofing myself. I did the HPOP and HPO Branch Tubes.

Also i get one code. P0269 - Cylinder 3 Contribution/Balance
But if i shut down that injector it does run different so i no the injector is working. I Hooked up a snap on modis and did a buzz test and it all checks out.

The only thing i can think of is Injectors But im not someone to throw parts at it and find out its not it.

Please any/suggestions are welcomed.
I really need Help with this thing.
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