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May have option to buy a 2000 F450....rollover.

Quick story. GF's uncle has contruction company. One of his workers parked it on a hill, out of gear, ebrake only. Ebrake cable let go, slowly rolled right past them on a slight downhill, bounced over a rockwall and bloop, rolled onto its roof.

Cab is crushed in so its gonna need a cab. Maybe a front fender. Had a service body on it.

150k I think he said-
Single cab-
obviously 7.3-

Its dark green or black, hard to tell in picture he showed me. Interior is in great shape. I was wondering what a cab and so fourth would go for?

I was gonna offer 2500. See what his response is and go from there.

I think he is keeping the service body. Its fine from the roll over. Id put a flat bed on it, or stakebody and run the piss out of it.

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cab will go around $1000.
there are some cheaper in pa that need a little work
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