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good, now someone needs to beat the living #### out of him till he gets his act together. hate to sound like the prick here on this one, but kids that run away intentionally take away the opportunity to find a kid that was abducted. I'm glad he is safe and sound now, but someone needs to do something to help the boy before he does this again. Ang I know you have a good heart, so maybee you should sit down with your friend and have a heart to heart. if something is not done soon, these run a way events will continue. The kid is crying for help, so someone needs to give it to him.

Good luck Ang
Douggie, I'd like to kick his freaking ass myself!! Although it's not his fault totally, its his lack of having present parents. When you're allowed to run your own life from age 8 on, this is what happens.

And then, even after he's gone for five days, his damned father won't get off his freaking ass and drive the kid to school or pick him up. His mother (my friend) is busting her ass working and the dad is at home 24/7 on disability, but he's not disabled where he can't drive a frickin car and go get his kid. Hell, the mother said she'd take him to school daily and all the dad had to do is pick him up.

About 3 months ago, I reamed her a new one, telling her what I thought and that I was sorry if it ruined our friendship, but that her son was going to end up dead or killing someone else if they don't get a handle on him. His father was printing fliers with the kids photo and "Missing Child" on them, when he walked in from his 5 day sabbatical... I told my friend to bitch slap her husband into sanity, and say "Do you want to be freaking printing fliers again if you don't step up to the plate and be a dad to this kid???!!!!"

Frickin ridiculous.
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