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Please help: Swapping ESOF to Stick on the floor

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Hey guys! First off.
I love the forum and it has helped me learn many things about my PSD. Sorry if not posted in the right topic!

I have a 2000 F250 XLT 7.3 with the good ol' trusty automatic everything 4x4. Well it has crapped out. I have done numerous things from testing relays, fuses, shift selector tests and continuity tests. Turns out i have no power to the plug with the two female conections.

I finally concluded that i just want to swap out the whole tcase and put a manual 4x4 one in. Few questions i have about it that i couldn't get a positive answer on.

Is it as simple as picking up a tcase off the same year truck. That has an auto tranny. But the manual 4x4?

Are the spline counts the same?

I believe its a simple bolt on, right?

Look forward to hearing your input! Thanks fellow PSD'ers

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I did it on my 00 a few years ago. It's fairly simple. You need the NP271 case for an automatic 4R100, diesel or gas does not matter for the case. Manual cases and 5R110 have a different input shaft. Get a new transmission to transfercase gasket, they like to tear during removal. The boot and shifter are the same between gas and diesel, the linkage and the pivot for the shifter are different.

When I did mine, I used a case from a gasser. Ordered the correct linkage from Ford and made the pivot point work by not using both holes.

This is where it lined up before shifting the pivot forward.

The electrical connection for the light is not the same. I haven't bothered hooking mine up yet but to do it right you need to run two wires up to the cluster. The NP273 connects to the GEM before going to the cluster.

Other than that, the biggest challenge was getting the blankoff plate off the floor of the truck. Ford uses 4 screws and some nasty adhesive that doesn't like to give.
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Good info, I still want to do this some day
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