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Hey guys, name's Josh. Im a brand new member to the site but have had my butt saved by reading on here numerous times over the years! I have an early 99 super duty with 280k miles. This truck has literally been one fix after another for about 7 years now but it has taught me alot and I just cant seem to part with her. Anyways onto my problem...... The truck had all the symptoms of a UVHC going bad even though years back I replaced them both with the new style ones that are molded all together. It began to shake one day at a stop sign but would recover and be fine for a few days. It did this a few times before the shake became constant and wouldn't go away as if I had a single injector going bad.(new single shot stock injectors 5 years ago w/ dptuner to run stock) I planned on checking replacing the UVHC but was waiting till the weekend. Then going 65 on the highway she started to shake really bad and steadily lost power. I made it a little ways off the ramp before she died completely. After several attempts I got it started but rough and was able to make it 4 miles back home on back roads. She cut off at least 6 more times in doing so making it varying distances each time. So heres what I've done so far:
Unplugged passenger side uvhc; little to no change at all. Did the driver side and the engine shut down soooo...
I replaced: IDM, UVHC, exterior pigtail harness to UVHC, fuel filters(2), and IPR.
I ohmed the UVHC at the valve cover and everything was sat. Ohmed the IDM harness and they all came back good as well.
What on earth am I missing here!? I'm at the end of my knowledge and getting close to the bottom of my pockets. Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is my daily driver and she wont make it more than a quarter mile at a time now. I should add the SES light only came on once and went away when I was losing power on the highway with my foot to the floor. Also in case it matters the fuel tank is harpooned and the fuel pump was replaced about 4 years ago as well with a bosch and a pre pump filter(baldwin) added. The oil is also new and full.
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