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hey guys. i was looking at phps website last night about getting my truck live tuned and i saw where is says how it would be possible to get them to come to you with enough people and trucks to tune. it says 8-12 trucks. not sure how many others in this area have or want php chips or custom tunes but i was thinking about trying maybe for spring or early summer when the nice weather starts again. hopefully we can get enough trucks for them to come. hopefully if we get enough interested soon enough ill try to organize it with PHP. They can tune the 7.3, 6.0, 6.4 and 97-03 f150

from reading the website they will do street or dyno tuning away from their shop. personally i would be fine with street tuning but if anyone else doesn't want street tuning and would prefer dyno tuning i can try to find a dyno. only downsides to dyno is that it will probably cost more because we will have to pay that place to set the truck on the dyno as well as for the custom tuning. also not sure if i will be able to find a shop willing to have so many diesels on their dyno for smoke and smell reasons. they may also require an underbed exhaust so no stacks in their building. also the dyno company will need to be paid for the dyno rental so it will cost more than street tuned.

ill include the link straight to PHP's page that has more info on it so that anyone interested can read it. the pricing is on there as well and it states there is no flat rate but there is a non refundable charge which includes the first 2 hours and an extra price for every hour after the first 2 hours. pricing depends on how moded your truck is. more mods will take longer than less mods or stock.

reply if interested and hopefully theres enough of you guys interested that we can make it happen. thanks for reading.
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