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Last chance for most of us this fall, get in one last hook before the snow falls!

Put on by River City Diesel, and other local business's in the Peoria Area, will be our last pull of the 2011 season. We've had a very solid turnout this year and have been very happy and look forward to next years season, but lets end this year with a bang!

Located at Expo Gardens, Peoria IL (Home of the Heart of Illinois Fair)

Truck teching starts at 3pm, with tractors starting at 3.

Trucks will start promptly at 5 pm.

Diesel Power Mag will be doing a 5 page spread on the event, so come check it out and get your truck in there!:redspotdance:

Now as most of you know.. this is kind of :ford: Country.. So lets see some badass Dmax's and Cummins trucks as well.. Spread the word!!:rockon:

Any further questions give us a call @ 309-699-2488
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