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k my friends truck is stuck in the middle of nowhere..
heres the run down truck late 99 F-350 C.C. XLT DRW 4X4 truck has 70,000 miles on it no chip, no alarm, bone stock.
the problem he turns the key to the on postion and everything from releys, light, wipers, turnsignals, tach, speedo goes nuts. no crank either. when he turns the key to the accesory postion radio and such works just fine. i say the pcm is fried and said for kicks take the postive cables drink a few beers and try again. hes stuck in Marion IL if anyone wants to a very nice cool guy out hell buy you a drink he has a few bottles of absolute and cran. he also stuck down there with a 40 foot horse trailer with a horse and has to drive to rockford tomarrow to get home. i know hes screwed till monday if it is a PCM. thxs Dan
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Could be the issue where some trucks leak water on the PCM.

I would have a look see and make sure it's not corroded, etc.
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