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So i bought a 2000 7.3L and it was WAY to much of a piece of shart. The amount of work i would need to do to get my HP goal is WAY too much. However, i came to this conclusion well after i had dropped about 10k in aftermarket doo-dads. Sadly the performance clutch is already installed so i cant give that one to anyone. Anyway, i've decided to trade in the truck for a cummins and the parts i have are up for grabs, they are all new and in the plastic. If i sell these guys it'll help me out with a decent down payment so...PM if you are interested in any of the following. I've listed what i'd like to get for them, i can be a little flexible tho.

$3000 - 467.7 Turbo Kit and wastegate from Irate
$1000 - Gen3 HPOP from Swamps
$1000 - Competition Fuel setup from Irate (w/ regulated return lines for Gen3 HPOP) and fuel sump
$1500 - 300/200 Injectors from PIS
$ 100 - HPOP and HPX lines from CNC Fab
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