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Hey all! I have been browsing the transmission forum for sometime now and cannot seem to find anyone else with the same issue I have been having.

I have a late 1999 f250 super duty with the 7.3 and 4r100 4x4

I originally had a p0755 code (shift solenoid b) and replaced the solenoid pack with one from Ford.

After about 215 Miles I have no 2-3 shift after the transmission gets to temperature and the OD light begins flashing again.

I have done a complete transmission flush, ohm test and power probe test on the new solenoid pack, I have replaced the trans connector, VSS, OSS, and ran a new wire from the PCM to the trans connector.

All fuses check out fine and I am getting no other codes.

Could this issue be valve body related in any way?

Truck has 256k on it and transmission shifts completely fine if I shift it on the column after the OD light comes on. Issue is only present if shifter is on D.

At this point I’ve exhausted almost every piece of advice I have gotten other than putting a ratchet shifter in it and drive it until I can put a new transmission in the truck ?

Any and all advice would be helpful, thanks in advance!
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