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So driving back from the Smokey Mountains and about few miles from home of this 7 hour trip, coasting down on the Interstate around 75-80 mph getting into a lane for a off ramp, I get a CEL. No obvious signs of anything wrong. Truck running well. Drive it to pick up the dogs and go home.

Trying to accelerate onto the interstate, getting into heavy throttle she was stuttering when under demand, smooth when I backed off. Drove home at 70 mph and didn’t push it.

Get home pull out my Aeroforce gauge and fins the codes P0476 and P1211. Truck is runnibg fine, clear the faults and look at symptoms.

The only thing I notice is that my boost pressure is reading 1.0psi with KOEO. Engine starts great and revs freely.

I have an electric fuel system and just got done redoing the rear tank and had redone the front tank about 2 years ago. I had cleaned out the fuel system as I was getting symptoms of a biological.

So anyone have these two codes show together? I suspect wiring to the MAP or a bad MAP. I will do further diagnostic in the morning, but curious if this code could cause the P1211? I believe it could cause a P0476 as I believe the PCM is doing a comparison between the Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor and the Manifold Pressure. I have also seen information that states fuel restriction can also cause a P1211.

Just looking for suggestions or experience with these two codes flagging.

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