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I'm heading back home from Washington and just threw this code (Some vehicles may store EGR control performance code P0404. This occurs when the difference between commanded and actual EGR valve position is more than 10% for 10-15 seconds. This can be caused by voltage drop on the EGR control circuits, a sticking EGR valve, or excessive exhaust backpressure. Diagnose by checking for and addressing other codes. Perform the EGR valve active command test. If the valve passes the test, check for excessive exhaust backpressure from plugged exhaust system or sticking VGT vanes. Broadcast Message 5468.)

Power doesn't seem to be affected, but do I need to stop at the nearest dealer or just wait until I get home?

I pulled a trailer up hear and my truck started puking again (with the ARP studs). I'm getting fed up and starting to move my foot into position to kick myself in the ass for getting rid of my Dodge.

BTW, I have 3500 miles since the studs (mostly from this trip). Dammit....:(
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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