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P0087 Codes After Cab Off Repairs

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I'm sure hoping someone can help me out. A few weeks ago I took my 2009 F450 to a shop to have an oil leak fixed. According to the shop, there were several leaks with the major one being associated with a turbo. The repairs required the cab to be removed and when the repairs were completed, the shop called and said the truck felt like it was losing power when they accelerated hard during their test drive. They recommended replacing fuel filters which they did and now my truck keeps throwing P0087 codes. The truck is deleted (90k miles) and has a mini maxx tuner set to tow mode. I've never had any issues prior to this service. The truck seems to go into limp mode but will run just fine when I clear the code on the tuner but will eventually comes back.

The shop has told me that nothing they did could have caused this issue but it all seems to coincidental. Any thoughts on what could have caused this?
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The code indicates Low fuel rail pressure. Its possible they disturbed or damaged the wiring harness to the HPFP or to the rail pressure sensor when they had the turbos off to repair the oil leak. At a minimum set one of your mini max PIDs to fuel pressure ( KPSI) and monitor the fuel rail pressure for sudden drops in pressure. You really need a diagnostic program that can monitor both actual vs desired fuel rail pressure to see if and when you are getting a deviation greater than the alarm set point (5%)


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