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So as many of you know, my truck is an 04 that is studded and deleted with a fass system feeding 190/100% injectors. Well recently with getting the truck running I have been nervous and paranoid something else will be breaking. I feel this is normal with anyone who invests hours upon hours working on their truck.....

Well since I have gotten it running since Monday (11DEC17) I have noticed something that I haven’t in the past and that is hazing in the exhaust until the truck is roughly almost to temp or at temp in a a prolonged idle (15min or more)

Well I thought I was having injector seal issues and that I would need to, once again replace them and possibly look into replacing the cups as well...

Well this is not the case from talking with swamps diesel (where I bought the injectors), innovative diesel (my current tunes), and gear head automotive (new tunes that I want).

From talking with them due to my paranoia, they all took the time to tell me and teach me about hazing that can and will occur with oversized injectors starting at the 175cc mark and 100% nozzles.....

Larger nozzles release too much fuel just sitting at idle and due to this, at low rpm, all of the fuel usually will not burn off when the motor is sitting around 290 EGT’s and under normal operating temp. My truck has been hazing longer in these cold mornings than when I had stock injectors and it was making me very nervous, and then at night when under a street or a parking lot light light at idle i could see this very very light white smoke... it smelt like normal exhaust with a touch of fuel, it’s so light that a camera couldn’t even pick it up....

I am writing about this due to the fact I couldn’t for the life of me find any information on this but apparently it is a very common thing with all tuned up and higher performance diesels and something that shouldn’t bring concern like it did to me.

But each company did stress that if the truck continues to haze after being at temp and driven not idling then something could be wrong, I even asked them about hazing after going into a store for 30min coming out and starting it back up and they said that it still would haze for a few due to the cylinders cooling and it warming back up then added in with condensation as well especially with larger exhaust systems such as mine (5” and stacked).

They all did add into about FICM tuning as well, they all said that hazing is way more likely with 100% nozzles and anything over the atlas 40 ficm time will be very susceptible to hazing at low rpms for some time due to the added dump of excess fuel into the cylinders.

To remedy this, both tuning companies recommended taking your time with them to give them as much info as possible when they write your tunes. From what Gearhead told me, due to the fact I have a custom built turbo, if I couldn’t provide exact measurements of the turbines in it, that I would be very susceptible to the hazing, so when I get new tunes from them here in a week or so, I will provide those measurements. (I didn’t with my current tunes)

I hope this helps others out there and some good discussion comes from this write up!


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