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Have you ever thought about the possibility to run huge offroad tires without having to add a lift kit? Most of us might think that it sounds crazy and hard to imagine, however, Fab Fours decided to visualize this idea and bring a unique solution to the market! Today we are here to present their new, revolutionary product, that is sure to change the concept of custom trucks – Open Fender System, available for 2017-2019 Ford F-250/F-350.

This system offers a new way to run a 40" tire with no lift, maintaining a lower center of gravity and aggressive stance. It's some of the most aggressive, military-style exterior add-on you've ever seen, which helps you to get a refined truck with all of the stock advantages, retain the performance of your truck and keep its suspension geometry the same.

Here is a quotation of what Fab Fours says about it:

“You are not just modifying your vehicle, but participating in evolving the future of all truck and Jeep customization with us! You chose this method of tire fitment for the same reason that I invested so much to create it – we both believe that the ultimate lift truck should have no lift at all! Low slung, wide stance, optimal CG, all come together to make the baddest looking, best riding, biggest tire fitting trucks on the planet!”

Fab Fours® - Open Fender System

Fab Fours® - Black Open Fender Flares

Also available in bare steel finish:

Fab Fours® TF4100-B - Open Fender System

Fab Fours® TF4110-B - Raw Open Fender Flares


- Made of 11 ga. U.S. steel construction
- Comes available in matte black powder coat or bare steel finish
- Compatible with Fab Fours Open Fender Flares (sold separately)
- Leveling kit included
- Maintain ease of hauling eliminating the need for a dropdown trailer hitch
- Inner fender included
- Keeps geometry low and wide for optimal safety and handling
- 100% tested-full range of articulation/flexing
- Professional In depth installation manual and video Included
- Professional wrap grade templates
- Kit provides all necessary items to complete the installation including templates, adhesives, epoxy, drill bits etc.
- Retain the ability to easily get in and out of the vehicle.

Take look at the installation instructions for more information on what's included and how does it work.

What are your thoughts about the new Fab Fours release?​
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