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I have been trying to figure out what has been making my truck act up when it rains or less often snows. Normally doesn’t die out (unless not warmed up) but loses ALL power, really loud bogging down, truck shakes, hot egt’s even at idle/neutral, if I floor it barely does anything but shake more and louder, at higher rpms its not as bad but still couldn’t even maintain speed with an empty truck.

Definitely a moisture created electrical problem since it doesn’t happen as often when it is cold snowing (less moisture in the cold air then raining). I live in the Colorado Desert so rain isn’t super common. When it rains the stalling is intermittent. Sometimes stopping with or without shutting down fixes problem for a short or long period of time. I think this is a good clue because if not moving it will get better but moving in the rain is the worst.

Started a year ago. First thing changed is cps. Then icp sensor (even though I knew I could check it by unplugging but found mine leaking), went to a mechanic seemed pretty honest ohmed out my uvch and found possible change in left bank (not much on codes side/don’t remember 8 months ago) so I ordered harness and changed. I have looked for wires that had a cut or open but some are tough to get to. Looked under both sides inside under dashes for moisture couldn’t find any. Buzz test good. Not wiper dependent. Replaced cps sensor second time. This morning while cold and new snow it was doing it, looked at the idm through crack and there was snow on it. So decided to take a look, was going with plan to remove fender but bolt up front required removal of headlight then researched everyone else from bottom and mine full of snow, ice, dirt so held off. During the process I realized I had cowl to hood sealer strip missing, immediately ordered a new one. I also decided to remove the cowl plastic strip and check the drain and wiring. Looked fine. Pulled fuel heater harness and looked like fuel was in there, fuel housing been leaking. To be honest the last bunch of afe fuel filters I ordered suck I am blaming the design for a leaking o ring and need to figure out which brand to try next. So next time it does it I will have the screw driver to pry that harness off and see if there is a change, but I don’t see how that would be it because rain shouldn’t add much moisture down inside there, and the circuit shouldn’t be fired up when running, so I would think the signs of that would be it just dies and during starts.

I wonder if it could have anything to do with me doing that mod that cuts open a hole behind corner of grill for air intake…

My plan from here is to install the right hand uvch when it arrives while checking more wiring. Or should I just wait for that gasket seal on the hood which is a couple days later? Go ahead and work on keeping moisture from entering the area with idm? Replace windshield (it’s the original)? Order the windshield tomorrow? GEM Module? How should I go about this?? I don’t mind paying a shop a lot of money I just live couple hours away and whats the chances of it doing it with guy in car? Maybe I could drive up when it rains. Could be really long drive with stalling every five minutes. Also looking at buying a ae scan tool, expensive but seems to be a good option at the time.

One more thing it is absolutely miserable for me to work outside non stop snow lately, 10k feet, super cold. It’s flat out miserable, I would pay someone thousands.
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