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Greetings all! I've been lurking PSN for years and finally decided to jump in. There's so much information here from guys who do the hard stuff, and don't just bolt on the pretties!

My rig is a '95 F250 with a '97 7.3, ZF5, 4x4, ECLB. She's beat, quite literally, hands down the ugliest rig in any lot, anywhere, guaranteed. I would post a pic, but like I said, she's ugly, and I don't want to break your screen. :eek: She's a farm truck, and I work her like a stolen horse. But she's starting to fade, and I realized that if I don't want to have her fail on me completely, I either have to start pulling down double overtime to afford a new rig, or start doing some major work to keep her on the road.

To that end, I have a full rebuild kit for the BW1356 t-case, to solve a bad bearing issue. I've read a number of tutorials and watched several videos on the project, it looks pretty straightforward. Not quite so straightforward is a major change: '03 F250SD axles and front springs! 😁 The D50 TTB has finally had it, and I'm not going to put any money in that buckboard-riding POS. I traded a '67 CJ5 project for them, and am saving up for the Sky RSK for the SD springs and axle- may as well only do it once! I'm torn between Sky's and PMF for the kit, but the PMF looks flimsy compared to Sky's. I'll need to figure out the track bar, as the '95 OBS never had one, and I need to get a 1350 yoke to replace the '03 Sterling's driveshaft flange.

As the SD axles have 3.73 gears and I eventually want to go up in tire size, I'm also considering swapping the 4.11 gears from the '95 rear axle to the '03 (per an article at and just regear the D60... or I might wait and go to 4.56s in both after I've saved up for a couple years. 😅 Any suggestions?

Apart from that, I hope to have something to talk about soon instead of just lurking. Now, if only the weather would cooperate... COME ON, SPRING!

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