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ok guys serious family question

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ok so i own a 01 crew cab, with 8" of lift, 37"s, basically my dream truck. but heres the problem. as soon as i got the truck, God decided it was time for me to start a family. being a poorly paid fireman, and having a poor fiance, i have no choice but to have one vehicle. so the question is, what do i do with my truck? it definately cant be as high, and as much as i hate to get rid of the 7.3, im seriously debating a 6 leaker. basically i need a "family truck" that still has four doors, still is diesel, and can still pull my lawn trailor. (my primary source of income) most of my friends that have 6.0's get way better fuel mileage than me. i have everything minus wheels to lower mine, but i already promised it all to PTSUPERD. sorry for such a long post, but i need to vent. it has been very stressful. just looking for some suggestions.
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Your fuel mileage should get better than what it is now when you lower the truck and loose the 37s.
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