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Oil leak???

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How you all doin?I have a 97 psd and it has a really bad oil leak.It looks like its coming from the front right side of motor.I was told it could be oil cooler or oil galley plugs.I just wanted to know if anyone knows if either of these two items are known problems.
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Remove ac compressor and let it hang you will have to fanagle it around to get the bracket off/on .I just let the bracket assembly hang down alittle and took care of the plug and reassembled it all. Put some loc-tite on that plug as well as alittle oil on the new "O" ring.I did the same one on my truck after I got it, I just replaced the one in back on the pass. side(down pipe was fun to work around) a few weeks ago. Thank god for freinds that was a 2 man job on that one.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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