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oil in antifreeze

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Happened over the weekend, oil in the antifreeze. I'm replacing the oil cooler and while I'm there replacing the EGR cooler. I'm going with the bullet proof EGR cooler due to high positive feedback on it. Any recommendations for a good oil cooler?? Anything else I should replace while I'm workng in there besides gaskets and o-rings? Truck is a 2006. What is the best way to flush the entire system?


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Flush... flush... flush....then flush some more....
Hate to say it... with a failure like that.... gonna be hard pressed to get it all out the first go round....
Cascade is your friend.
Simple green hd and water run for an hour. Flush until clear, then use motorcraft vc-9 two bottles and water, run for an hour and then flush till clear water comes out. Make sure to remove block plugs to completely drain. Degas bottle is the hardest to get clean looking.
Use DISTILLED water, not just tap water. Flush BEFORE you replace the oil cooler.
One problem....if he flushes BEFORE changing the cooler (and the cooler is where the problem lies with the oil mixing into the antifreeze) then he is just going to pump more oil into the antifreeze or get antifreeze into the oil.

I think you're going to have to get a semi-good used one and do the flush and then replace it. :confused:
Can't flush before. Has to do the oil cooler. Just gonna have to flush the piss out of it during and after the repairs..
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