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Oil changes with HPOS

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What oil change intervals is everybody using that have the BO systems? Does the oil break down faster using the two pumps and running higher pressures?

I'm wondering if I can go with extended oil changes since I have an Oil Guard filtration system.
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I go 3000 on the Blue Rotella. But I also like to shove a lot of boost down it's throat and attempt to get in its good graces by treating it to a nice oilchange interval, lol.

Not to mention that judging by the steam locomotive of a crank-case vent I've got, keeping fresh oil in her seems like a good idea.

It starts to idle at progressively lower and lower oil pressures as I start into 4 and 5k miles.

Just my experience.
My lube oil pressure actually starts getting lower and lower when it's time...
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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