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OBS Powerstroke + Terminator = GREAT BIG SMILE!

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Finally got it done. I had the Terminator in my shop for about 6 months just burning a hole in my shelf. Just about two weeks ago I was down in Denver CO at the track and met up with TOM S. He showed me his really easy made fuel system. (Thanks TOM) This was the big stop in installing the Terminator on my OBS truck. Since us older guys have the old crappy mechanical fuel system everything in the valley was in the way. So if you plan on big oil plan on a fuel system at the same time. The Terminator was really easy to install after on my truck since it was my second one installed. (Helped with GregRobs) I still think our older trucks are so much easyer to work on then the new Superdutys. The Terminator setup sits so nicely in the valley. I had to move the pressure line on the passenger side back one hole to make it fit right to the second pump. The only other thing needed other than a fuel system is a oil fill neck off of the new superduty trucks ($4.00 at ford) for the blow off tube. Everything else was included in the Terminator Kit.

Don't Sweat the Fuel System.

I built mine with about $300. One superduty pump off of Ebay, Two universal filter housing from International with some different fittings, and my old fuel regulator off of my old fuel bowl.

After installing the fuel system around the terminator, I pressure the fuel system up to check for leaks and then fired the engine. It takes a few cranks to get the HPOP reservoir full again. I got rid of my fuel knock with a none air fuel system and the truck quieted down. With some new tunes from Jody at DP-tuner and Im off and running.

Its been a great two weeks, LOTS OF TOP END POWER. Its a whole new animal. Just ask GregRob for verification. :D I can't wait for live tuning!

Thanks goes out to Joey @ Terminator for all your help and a great product. Its great to watch the Snap On scanner read 3800 psi on the ICP.

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We need photos. If you can add it onto the electric fuel system thread in the 94-97 upgrades section.

I will try to run over too if I can get off on time.

1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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