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1996 7.3 4x4 180k
ARP Studs
EBPV delete
TS 6 position sensor.

Gotta weird one here guys.

Fired up my truck yesterday a.m. and it started like a champ like it always does.
After 6 seconds of running it shut off. The truck being 18 years old an and faithful worker I didnt question she may have been feeling a little off this am.

Hit the key and she fired up and creeped up to idle slowly. Nothing like usual.
This truck is a typical hit the key rip snort right up to rpm beast.

Let the truck warm up (as I alwayssss to the point of my wife yelling at me "cant we leave yet!?" do.)

Drove about 15 minutes and shut her down to get my coffee.
Came back out 5 minutes later. Long cranking no start. Oil pressure did not come up
Deep Prayer, sadness more long cranking no start no oil presure.

Towed it to my shop and checked the oil. Almost a whole quart low. haha added that and another session of long cranking. Oil pressure came up after 20 seconds of cranking. No fire not even trying. (I don't think the oil pressure thing is relevant)

Hpop res is full. Connections all look good. Truck would not fire with ICP sensor unplugged for default pressure.

Did research hooked up scan tool and got three codes.

P1280 Continuous: Injection Control Pressure Sensor Circuit Low.

P0344 Continuous: Camshaft Position Sensor A Circuit Intremittent (Bank 1 for single sensor)

P1212 Continuous: Injector Control Pressure Not at Expected Level

rpm gauge is moving so CPS is good (just replaced with gray Ford sensor)

During Cranking numbers:

IPR psi 310

IPR 0.63

IPR % w/ key on engine off 0.22

Used "starting aid" the devils elixr......Truck fired up with a long crank and creeped up to rpm again.

At Idle numbers:

ICP psi 580 peak

ICP % .98

At 1750 rpm

ICP psi 690 peak

ICP % 1.13

Shut Truck off. No restart.

ICP psi only came up to 239 during this cranking session.

All this seemed to point to the IPR Valve or and HPOP (its almost never the latter) So put a new IPR in. No start.

Injectors all buzz crisp and uniform.

Used the devil spit again (the tiniest amount possible) and let the truck come up to temp. Ran a Cyl contribution. All pass.

Drove home about 16 miles truck ran ok but seemed really slack on power.

Parked truck let idle for 5 minutes shut her down and no restart.

Next morning I remembered I hadnt tried firing it up with the new IPR in and ICP sensor unplugged. Truck fired up and slowly creeped up to rpm. Shut it off and plugged sensor back in.

Truck fired up again. Not as slow of a creep up to idle but def not normal.
Let it come up to temp ran all the tests.

New IPR psi while running 575 @ idle 700 @1750 rpm

Cyl contribution pass.
Passed all the KOER tests

Shut down no restart. IPR cranking pressure @ 389

Unplugged ICP, Cranking pressure peaked @ 2300 psi with about 15 seconds of cranking. No start.

The fuel side of things all checks out. PCM is talking to the IDM as it should.
All test were performed with the truck in Stock mode.
Everything checks out except for the IPR pressure.

There she sits mocking me with her beautiful lines a sleek paint.

Feel free to e-mail me. This truck is my DD so I'll try anything. (Cept for the devils delight. No more starting fluid!)

Thanks Guys this is my first post so I hope everything is up to snuff.

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Truck fired up this am with no hesitation. Will run test today and post again

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You let some air in the high pressure oil system when you swapped your ipr. The hard starting after you swapped ipr's was probably just due to that. Hopefully anyways. As for your oil level, do you have any oil leaks? Have you pulled the fuel filter to see if its black, like motor oil has been through it?

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No leaks in the oil system. Fuel is clean and fresh. No oil or oil residue in the fuel bowl.

I drove the truck a little bit yesterday. Still driving slack. Will not fire on its own when warm. Just fired it up again this am. It will fire cold. Didn't hesitate.
Although I just changed it I'm thinking I'm gonna try an oil change. As simple as it seems it may just be the problem.
I'll get the current stuff sent to the lab and see whats going on there.

I've been running Rotella 15w-40. Any reason for me to switch oils?

After that I'm gonna change out the fuel bowl wire harness. It also feeds the IPR and although none of the wires are frayed the insulation seems soft and squishy. I don't like soft and squishy. Thanks for the response!
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