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Hi All,

Im not endorsing a company/product here...just wanted to pass on some good products to other OBSers looking to get their truck fixed...

Just wanted to share my experience with replacing my leaky dipstick seal on the oil pan.

At about 205k, I noticed the large locknut on the passenger side of the oil pan right in front of the starter starting to drip. That being said, I had heard some terrible horror stories of replacing this gasket, oring, and washer on the OBS. If not done correctly, the dipstick holder will fall into the oil pan if not properly installed/replaced. That being said, I did some research here and other places and found a company called Replacement O-rings for Ford Diesel Engines.

To all OBS owners with a leaky disptick, this is the place to go...customer service was awesome and package got from their location in the western US to Ohio in 2 days. Ordered Thursday, arrived Saturday USPS Priority. Broke the package open and it includes everything you need to replace this stubborn issue.

Yes, I know some PermaGoop or other similar silicone product will do fine smeared all over the place, but I wanted to do this once and for all and get it done so I didnt have to keep worrying about this issue.

The kit is $40 or so and includes a new outside locknut, a outside gasket, and inner oring, locktite 515 gasket sealer, most importantly, a wire brush to hold the dipstick receiver from falling into the pan and tools/picks to get the old gasket out and dipstick oring as well.

Installation was a breeze reading their instructions. Went exactly as planned. Sealed up and no leaks whatsoever.

That being said after doing the job once, I know I dont need the all the extra stuff that makes the kit cost $40. If I need to do again, the key is the wire brush to hold the dipstick receiver. I think a .45cal borecleaning brush will do the trick and some auto parts gaskets and orings will suffice for some buddys trucks now that I know how to handle. But Im glad I got the kit as doing the first time is truly daunting especially knowing that if I drop a piece in the pan, game over, motor has to be pulled in order to get to the pan...! Instructions say removing the starter was needed, but I had no problem getting this fixed without doing so...It was tight, but there was enough room to accomplish the job.

All in all, an awesome product and great company to use. Highly recommended for a newby at replacing this gasket. Next time/next truck that needs the gasket replaced, I will probably just go with the International direct oring kit from the autoparts store, but again for first timers, Replacement O-rings for Ford Diesel Engines had a great product.
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