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Hey guys. Glad to be here. I'm a big gear head and decided to buy a 95 7.3 4x4 to haul my projects. Never thought I'd want to dig into it more but it's now my daily driver.
I also own a 93 Super cab flare side that's the love of my life.

Quick question, what's so different from a 95 7.3 and e4od and a 2000 E250 with the 7.3 and 4r100?

Here's my love

And here's my toy

And this is her doing some work.

We are in the middle of moving so I thought it would be a great idea to store my f150 in my old warehouse. Fast forward a week later it was vandlized. It's now inoperable with a missing wheel, missing battery, alternator, chassis wiring, and broken glass. Unfortunately I didn't have insurance on it at the time due to financial issues and moving. I'm heartbroken. In the pic above, I'm pulling it to my barn where it will live for a few years pending a full restoration.

Thanks for reading,
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