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OBS build up questions

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Looking at getting a obs .....

1. what internal engine parts are available for these engines (pistons, rods etc....)?

2. Also what is the best year to get?

3. How much power can you make on these engines?

4. Who has the fastest obs and what is your top speed?

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Any serious build is going to need an aftermarket fuel system, turbo, and HPOP anyways...

OBS parts are easy to find in a junk yard (when i blew my rear it was cheaper just to get another one than to fix the one I had) and everything is fairly easy to get to. They are cheaper, and look damn good to boot.

plus everybody and their brother has a Sooper Doody....
Mines 6800lbs with me sitting in it and 2 tanks of fuel... like to see a SD do that;)

The only thing better is my buddies 1st gen dodge std cab 4x4 at 5900lbs. They used to let him pull 600lbs mod gasser class until he started whipping everybody.
1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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