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I ended up with a couple extra parts after replacing all pulleys and belt, all parts are new. These "extras" are due to me ordering the wrong tensioner (short arm) so I went a different route and did the dual pulley tensioner upgrade.

The tensioner (F7TZ-6B209-AA) and idler pulley (ribbed F6TZ8678HB) will work together but require a shorter belt length than what I ordered. I'll sell both for $70 shipped

I have two belts:

The first is a Dayco 5081190 and works with the long arm tensioner. Sell for $15 shipped

The second is a Goodyear 4081223 and works with the dual pulley tensioner upgrade. The Goodyear belt is availble becasue I did a vacuum pump delete and used a shorter belt. The belt was never installed, I did the delete while replacing everything so I never used it. Sell for $30 shipped


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