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OBS 3rd Brake light

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Hello fellow classic truck owners i was wondering if anyone had a line on a clear 3rd brake light assembly that is led. I can only seem to find ones for 99 and up. any help would be appreciated thank you to all that reply
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Stay away from the LED on that light. It will screw with just about everything eltronic on the truck from the transmission to the cruse control
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the front headlights are already led thought if you replaced the whole housing with an led one it would work. wonder if your talking about just replacing the bulbs with led ones that i believe fs with the tranny and cruise my 3rd brake light is out rn that is why i ask if anyone has one
headlights do not effect electronics. brake lights do, especially the high mount light.
does anyone have the wiring diagram schematic for the 3rd brake light to tell me what volts and ohms the third brake light should have with a regular bulb then alls i need to do is put in a resistor and it should work right.
I use this on all of my trucks (except the '93 F250 which has no CHMSL).

This shows how to solve the LED brake bulb issue, even if you don't yet have LEDs:
1983 Ford Bronco General Purpose Pics picture |

My PS is the only one that has an E4OD & problems, so I'm considering doubling up on that resistor in it.
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