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We are going to do this again this year!!!!

For those that don't know what this event is about, The Details are below.

Laps For Charity Sept. 2009 Pics
North Texas Power Stroke Association Photo Gallery - 09-26-2009 Laps for Charity TMS

We have a RESERVED SPOT for the CLUB around 6:15PM.

We will meet in the parking lot that is open just south of the gate at 5:30pm. We have used that lot before in the past. I should be there around around 5:15pm so look for some Trucks and you will find us.

Here is a pic of the location
Texas Motor Speedway - Google Maps

If yall have any questions, Just let me know

Also, if you are planning to come to this event, Please Click Link Below to Register so I know how many are coming!!!! :cheers:

Laps For Charity, September, 11th 2010 at TMS

You're the driver when Texas Motor Speedway opens the Speedway to the public for the last time this year. Experience the thrill of driving your car around the 1.5-mile super speedway all to benefit Speedway Children's Charities.

Polish up your special vehicle and come on out to "The Great American Speedway!" on Saturday, Sept 26th for Laps for Charity presented by Speedway Children's Charities. Take three laps on the Super Speedway behind a pace vehicle for just a $30 donation and have your picture taken in Victory Lane for an additional $10. Laps will be conducted for Car Clubs (by reservation) from 5-7 p.m. and for the General Public from 7-10 p.m. A new VIP package will also be made available. The VIP package will include a five-lap session, complimentary event t-shirt, complimentary photograph in Victory Lane, a two week trial membership to The Speedway Club and dinner for two on September 8th in The Speedway Club Starlight Dining Room. There will only be a limited number of the VIP packages offered, so call today to book your reservations.

· All occupants in a car including the driver must wear a seat belt.
· No drivers under the age of 18.
· All occupants must be at least 6 years of age.
· All occupants in a car must sign a waiver.
· All legal guardians of minors must sign a separate waiver.
· Motorcyclists must wear a helmet and must stay on the apron of the track.
· No passing.
· Single file only. (please give us 1 lap to get up to speed)
· 75 mph maximum speed limit (if you cannot keep up with the car in front of you, please pull to the apron and the TMS trail vehicles will put you at the back of the line.)
· Follow the instructions of the TMS trucks on the track.
· If any vehicle in the group violates any of the safety procedures listed, the pace car will pull to the apron and bring the entire group to a stop. The violator will be pulled from the group and escorted from the track.
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