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Late Notice but we are trying to get a NTPA Region in place for next summer so we are doing a few exhibitions with NTPA this summer to drum up interest and show to NTPA that there is interest by spectators and competitors that there is good running 3.0 Pro-street trucks in the area.

We have an opportunity to do this Thursday July 29th. There was a great showing of trucks at the New Hampton pull and we are looking to do the same.

I know its last minute but if we could get a good solid head count of at least 5 trucks they will be happy.

This is a great showing of Iron Year after year and anybody looking to pull in front a large crowd here's your chance. Great track!!!
July 29
Dubuque Co. NTPA Nationals
Dubuque, IA
Region V Event
Thursday @ 7:00 PM

Pro Stock Tractors
Modified Tractors
Two Wheel Drive Trucks
Super Farm Tractors
Light Super Stock Tractors
Heavy Super Stock Tractors,
4x4 Super Stock Diesel Trucks (3.0 Single Turbo Limit) We will be using the Fantasy Pro-Street rules and guidelines

Payback will be set according to truck count. If you guys are interested in pulling NTPA in the future this is the time we need to put in a little extra time and interest to show these guys and clear there doubts about the 3.0 turbo class trucks what kind of show we can put on!!!

Please give me a head count A.S.A.P. so I can pass it on to NTPA!!!
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