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It has come to the point that I have way more work then I can handle on my own (even with three part time evening guys).

I am entertaining the idea of bringing in a fulltime employee, at our new 11k square foot Foster KY Location, approximately 25 miles from Cincinnati OH.

We Specialize in Power Strokes of course but do dabble in other light and medium duty diesel work to keep customers happy. Anything from injectors to head gaskets, to pulling trucks. We will be expanding into salvage and sales of salvage truck parts, and towing and transport of such vehicles with our own rollback and wreckers.

Pay will be based on experience and skill; this is a full time position so you are expected to have your own basic tools. Someone with a clean driving record and the capability to operate towing equipment would be nice but not required.

We do several project trucks that require minor body work and painting from time to time, including remodeling of our own equipment so someone with some body experience and competence would be a big plus as well.

I am looking for a good Jack of all Trades, someone who is willing to learn, but willing to get stuff done.

Anybody from the area that knows anyone who might be a good fit, please tell them to contact Travis at [email protected] or 859-991-8337.
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