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Copied from Cummins Forum:

This year the dyno will be held on August 27th at the same location and on the same day as the TDTPA sanctioned sled pull. It will be held next to the new Valair Clutch location in Mineral Wells, TX. Registration starts at 8:15 am and the first truck pulls onto the rollers at 9:00 sharp.
Classes are as follows:
650.1+ fuel only
Big dawg open class (nitrous and/or water meth)
All nitrous or any other enhancers must be mounted on truck (no bottles setting on the ground next to the truck. Lol)

Due to the economic conditions, getting sponsors has been extremely tough this year and we are still getting prizes in so prizes will be posted and announced either closer to the event or at the event itself. Also, if you want to help us by sponsoring in some way, please contact me via email. We can use all the help we can get. And I apologize for the late notice. [email protected]

Price is $75 for three pulls with a maximum time limit of 10 mins.
All proceeds after overhead is covered will go to charity. This year our charity is the Palo Pinto volunteer fire department to help them recover from this years wild fires that devastated the surrounding area.

Come out and have a great time and help us help a great cause.

Please post up any questions you may have and I'll do my best to answer them.

We have mostly Cummins guys signed up so it would be nice to see some Powerstrokes come and get on the rollers :evil
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