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Non-Sexy MPG Advice

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This is about as sexy as John Goodman in a speedo but it definitely works, particularly for heavy pickups.

Keep your tires aired up rock-hard.

This is a must for folks with firebomb tires but it makes a big difference on other brands as well.

I use 235-85 E rated tires and I keep them inflated to 80 psi, front and rear. Any more and the tire starts to "crown" - bulge out in the middle of the tread. That will wear the center of the tire out quickly. Not recommended.

My truck is very sensitive to this. If the tires get down to 70 psi, I lose 1 MPG. At 60 psi, 3 MPG. Ask me how I know that. Don't gundeck the tire inflation.
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Same here dave, hard as a rock 80 psi.

Works the best mileage wise and tires last the longest for me this way.
Because the "crowning pressure" doesn't change whether the tire has a load on it or not.

Max pressure is determined by what point the tire will crown, not what the load is.

Although I do think max load is advertised at max psi as well. Can someone confirm this?

I think my tires say 2xxx lbs at 80 psi.
1 - 2 of 67 Posts
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