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I just replaced a bad PS pump. Now that the pump noise is gone, there is a new noise. When I am in the cab and engine running I hear a humm or buzz sound from the drivers side floor board. I can not hear in under the hood (to much engine noise). But when I touch and listen to parts using a screwdriver I can really hear it in one of the high pressure lines to the hydro boost. I can also grab that line with my hand and feel the vibration. It does not seem to get louder turning the steering or pressing the brake peddle. It does get louder when I push the go peddle. I have bled the system with MERC 5 and topped the PS off. I don't think it is effecting my steering or brakes. It does not get hot or nor is the fluid foamy.

I have done some search here and else where. I didn't find nothing about what I am experencing.

Y2K PSD F250 4X4
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