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After installing an MBRP Stainless exhaust w/muffler and a cold air intake on a bone stock 97 F-250 then using an Edge Evolution programmer on the extreme setting we took a road trip and I was consistently getting over 19 MPG and just the other day the MPG's said sayonara (down to 10-13. ?? NOW, yesterday I went to start the truck and the wait to start light didn't come on and it wouldn't start. The 30 amp fuse isn't blown, I've check ALL connections, changed fuel filters and drained fuel twice and last but certainly not least (and this is the kicker) - I tried to check for error codes and it won't let me access my PCM. Can't detune or clear codes. It's saying connectivity issues. SOOOOOOOOO, my only assumption is that my PCM went belly up all of a sudden. I've tried moving the truck back and forth and putting it in and out of gear as well. It's only got 227,000 miles. I drive it easy and haven't towed anything really heavy at all. It's an automatic fyi -
Anyone else had this issue or anything remotely similar?
Oh yeah, oil pressure is fine when cranking. Was running fine too even with the highly noticeable MPG loss. All I was able to notice is that it wasn't shifting quite as hard as it did because it seemed it shifted too hard before and it actually concerned me so I started letting off the accelerator when it was shifting to compensate. If someone else drove it, they would never be able to tell there was a performance problem -
HELP!! Thanks in advance! Sorry about the mini novel but there are NUMEROUS issues pertinent -
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