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03 6.0. has sat for a few months.

first issue at hand:
water in fuel turns on and off while cranking.
CEL on, P2285(ICP sensor low).

would the combo of these cause a no-start?

i've noticed that after the first few starting attempts, the odometer has gone to all 8's. seems weird. do these trucks have PATS? i'm using only a regular(door) key, not a chip style. i'm used to Mustangs and their PATS keys where the odometer will go to all dashes if you try to start w/o the chip'd key.

also, i've noticed the fuel filter cap is messed up(broken socket portion on top and the edges look rough) and i've seen some bubbling around the sealing edge after attempting to start. would this bleed off after possibly cause the opposite effect(sucking air in) during crank attempts?

i've ordered a new ICP sensor and fuel filter cap already, picking up in morning. have new motorcraft oil and fuel filters going in at same time.

second issue: this truck spit coolant while going down the freeway(reason it was parked). buddy said he was driving normal(hard to believe knowing his dumb self) and it started smoking coolant from underneath the truck while cruising. my first thought was lifted heads, or egr issue, of course. as i've started looking, i see no real signs of it doing such. the reservoir does not look like the cap ever released. no white residue, just dirt. coolant looks like average used orange coolant. so i start digging into it, looking at stuff and trying to locate ICP(i didn't learn until after this that it is at the back on the 03's). pull off the coolant reservoir and as i'm pulling it off the firewall's clips, the top portion of the Y in the hose snaps, under what felt like pinky pressure. i look at it closer, and it looks like coolant has come out of here before, as the outside has some discoloring and peeling. i start to pull the whole hose and realize the lower part of the Y is held on by a clamp...not factory. loosen clamp, find the fitting has teflon tape inside...definitely not factory. i'm thinking there's a good chance this is my coolant's to hoping so!
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