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I have a 96 7.3 with a zf 5 trans in it. Now by the year and all I know that it's a Zf 47 or so I'm told. All the trans places are telling me they can't do anything until I get the id off the tag. Only problem is the tag is missing.
I have the casting number 1317 401 031

And a number on the opposite side pto cover Plate zf 1304 301 035 .
Other side has a pto connected. This is a rollback tow truck. The dealer stupid system can't look back 20 yrs since it's technically 2017 year so they won't help me with dick even if it fits a 97 98 etc.

The VIN 1FDLF47F7TEA30595
Also has transmission mounted parking brake

Truck is used as a rollback tow truck if that helps. Need to know what trans to order that will fill all ratios and pto.
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