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NHRDA, SUNDAY, AUGUST 19th, Island Dragway

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New Jersey, PA, NY - Northeast

The NHRDA - First New Jersey meet is SUNDAY, AUGUST 19th, at Island Dragway in Hackettstown, NJ

Island Dragway

Second meet, which will be an 'All Truck Challenge - GAS vs DIESEL Event' which will be held, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 2ND

Now who's coming out to show those gassers up on the strip?
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Well the only thing I can say is that in the NE most folks are trying to squeez in there last family vacations for the year. I think if the DHRA and the NDRHA would get up here in the early summer or after Labor day they would get more play. Theit timing is poor for scheduling the events. Look @ retail in the area it's traditional way down in August casue folks are not home.
Trust me look @ traffic on the way 2 work and you'll see what I mean. i made a drive today that would normally take 1 to 1.5 hrs in 30 mins. My buddy's beer and wine store is off more than 30% this month. Aug is a bad month to have things scheduled most teachers and people with kids are OOO and Out of town. Look @ lodging availablity @ the shore and near family vaca destinations. :poke: Come on down on the 1st and help me get my pig running and I'll drive up and run. Exhaust leaks or not. :gun:
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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