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NHRDA, SUNDAY, AUGUST 19th, Island Dragway

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New Jersey, PA, NY - Northeast

The NHRDA - First New Jersey meet is SUNDAY, AUGUST 19th, at Island Dragway in Hackettstown, NJ

Island Dragway

Second meet, which will be an 'All Truck Challenge - GAS vs DIESEL Event' which will be held, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 2ND

Now who's coming out to show those gassers up on the strip?
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I was planning on being there but my annual company picnic was yesterday :lame: . The Sept 2nd event is bad too, annual formans meeting in Jamaica from Friday to Monday. I know what your saying buddy, but in my case it couln't be helped. Hopefully next time if there is one.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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