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New to the forum and new to the Ford F250 SD. Mine's a 2003 6.0 and the passenger side turn signal in the mirror doesn't work. It's the bulb. The marker on that side works. So in disassembling that mirror to get at the bulb, I hit a dead-end with the lens. It's sealed (I believe) and there's no apparent way into it. So I'm guessing that I have to replace that entire assembly rather than just a bulb. Where am I wrong? Or am I?

Thanks for your time. Apologies if this isn't the right place for this topic. And I did do a search to try and find this info, to no avail.

UPDATED Because I AM a moron and fully accept that, as soon as I posted this I realized that the lenses are indeed sealed because there are LED's in them. I cleaned the contacts and reassembled everything and now they work. Let this be a lesson to ya - don't be a moron like me!

I'm looking forward to hanging out here and seeing how else I can prove my moron-ness to everyone.



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