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Howdy!!! Just joined up from cartersville, g.a.
own a 95 ext. cab 4x4 7.3L 125,000
My dad owned the truck for years and it is in excellent shape. he is very picky about his trucks. He decided to start looking for a 4-door 7.3l and i'm buying his ext. cab.

truck will be used as a dd, but will also be a tow pig for me and my g/f.
I have a 1983 toyota pickup that i rock crawl and trailer it to parks but that's not much weight, but the g/f barrel races and has a 32ft goose neck trailer with living quarters. so after you add 3 1,000pd horses. water in the fresh water tank, groceries and etc.... it's a heavy load.

just looking for common mods. gas mileage and towing. the trans was rebuilt by ford and had an 'upgrade' idunno if they put stronger springs in it, a slight shift kit, or what but it does shift very firmly. Other than that it's all stock powertrain wise besides a small chip that i dont think i'm going to run but he always kept it on tow mode. think it's a superchips programmer

will be looking for the FAQ, or using search to find common mods very soon.
any suggestions or questions just ask away. my names jesse:psnb:

will post pics shortly

Forgot to mention the ole lady has a 07 4-door lariat 6.0, or should i have just not said that.... lol
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