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Alright I'm new here, and searching for info on the Ford Cummins swap..

What I have is a 00 Dodge 2500 2WD Cummins 6speed that I have been trying to sell and I have a chance to buy a 04 F350 Automatic with a 6.0 that needs EGR work.. What I was thinking about doing is removing the engine from the truck and putting in the Ford.. What I'm concerned with is the little issues you don't find on the internet, such as things yall ran into while doing your swap..

Also trying to get together a parts list, and a definate answer to whether cruise control works or not.. Also reading on destroked's website vs. they are saying different things about the torque converter and such.. Anyone care to clarify on that?

What kind of wiring is involved?

In the long run would you guys do it again?
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