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New wheels and tires

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Just got my new Dick Cepek DC-1 16x10 and 36x13.50 Irok swamp radials from :redspotdance: I'd love to try them out, these are a new tire to me i'm used to running tsl or boggers, i've heard a lot of good about them.......but i have duty so i'm stuck on the boat till tomorrow after work :( so guess i'll jus have to wait.
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Nice set-up!!!!!
nice rims!
Lookin good Tony!
Thats gonna look nasty man!!
That looks awesome Tony, alot better than the old ones for sure! :ford:
Those look great!!!
yea man.. i didn't think it was going to make the truck look that different
sick unit
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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