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Hey guys, I've been a diesel head for 13-14 years just never owned a Powerstroke.
I currently own my second dodge and love the Cummins and the G56 - their manual transmisssion. The rest its ok but not thrilled about it. Could've just as easily been a Chevy or Ford but they didnt make a stickshift on their diesels.
Not here to stir up anything, all diesels have their pro's and con's.
I've been modding, deleting and also putting trucks back to stock for a cpl of years now for a living and I'm usually selling the tuners on eBay and cumminsforum and I just thought I'd give this forum a try as well.
So if anyone wants a Mini Maxx unlocked, look me up, I get 2-4/month always unlocked, with all cables and windshield mount, I take PayPal for purchase and I have a client list from all over the US that you can ask for references. I got 3 in hand right now $900/piece shipped to your door.
I'm in Calgary Alberta if you're local and want to meet and I can be reached at 403-483-5858 preferably by TXT in case I'm driving.
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