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Well im new to the site looking to get great information from you guys.

I am currently looking for a truck I have to upgrade from a ext. cab truck to a four door for a growing family. So i decided on a ford diesel, main resona because my old man has a 2000 cc,lb, 4x4 with 360+K miles two trannys and maybe a couple thousand in repairs after all the tough miles.

I am looking for something a little newer probably going to get a 05-07 6.0 CC. I know they can be problematic but i plan on doing egr delete, engine coolant filter, engine cooler and studs. I have a scan gauge 2 so when i test drive trucks I will check out the ECT, and EOT's. I do live in CA smog law but I live in a county that does not require smog so I will do minor mods in the future after making sure the motor is solid.

If you guys have any other advice, I would appreciate it and hope to maybe start a build page one day.
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