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Hello everyone, I finally Joined the PSN,

a few months back I purchased a 91 Ford F250 with a 7.3 out of a 95 in it and a 5 speed. Since then I have read many forums on here about different upgrades. I am currently in the process of those upgrades they include

38 Gallon rear tank
EFuel kit I built myself
SD turbo upgrade to an OBS (I know many say this is not smart)
Upgraded SD turbo center to 360 thrust washers and billet wheel
33 PSI wastegate
Bellowed up-pipes
Intercooler out of an E99 as I hate plastic ends on the new ones
4 pillar pod with a total of 8 gauges in it. 4 pressure (low fuel, high fuel, boost, low oil-maybe), 2 temp (oil temp, coolant temp), 1 HPOP, 1 egt. all glowshift
International water pump with Coolant filter- used both holes in the passenger side to eliminate need for special lower radiator hose.
HPOP lines with cross over-Eaton lines
Riff-Raff boost fooler
Riff-Raff Boots and clamps
Oil pressure switch
Super Duty intake manifolds
Super Duty Valve cover gaskets to change wiring
New Curtis hitch/ load leveling receiver
Tekonsha p3 trailer brake controller.
New tires
Tonneau cover
full 4" exhaust (big pain in the rear for the down pipe)
Pioneer head unit with Android auto and Rear-view camera.
Raptor spray on bed liner for the bed and roof.

Things deleted:
Mechanical pump
Fuel bowl
A/C- deleted when I purchased by previous owner

Additives I currently use:
Archoil AR9100
Archoil AR6200
Howes Diesel treat-(may switch to Archoil)
Archoil injector cleaner

Things I am researching:
Stage 1 injectors
steering upgrade
anything that i can do to make this truck bullet proof for hauling horses and overall performance.

Things I will not be doing
rolling coal - dumb and a waste of everything
useless lifting of truck- its a work truck not a show truck

  • I am open to any questions about what I have already done. I am also open to any suggestions, comments, improvement ideas, etc.
  • Attached are some pictures of the turbo when I got it back together
  • The exhaust manifolds
  • The turbine side after 24H soak in archoil's rust remover (AR5100)
  • an example of what the turbine side looked like before the rust remover soak
  • and finally the Truck itself.
  • 201253
  • 201254
  • 201255
  • 201256
  • 201257

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welcome to PSN.
pull up a chair, kick off your shoes, and have fun.

by the way, we like pictures.

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Welcome to the nation from WNC

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