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Hows it going all.

Lets start with what I roll. 2000 7.3l F350 4x4 dually

She's all stock as of right now. As of now work ive done on her is new front axel, new transmission, new transfer, new radiator, new intercooler, new ps and tranny cooler plus a few other front end parts oh and new leaf spring.

She went lost a wheel at 70 mph in Ohio 2 weeks after I bought her lots of fun. Surprised the hell out of me when I looked her over and found no frame damage so I rebuilt her.

Just recently had a headlight catch on fire so I replaced the header panel put two new head lights grill and front bumper on.

All thats left is a set of fenders and a paint job.

I plan on building up to about 400 hp this winter any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I am a Marine back in the civilian world. Did my time in Iraq came back and i'm integrating back in lol.

I live in New Hampshire so if your around my area and need any help with your truck let me know I'm always up for lending a helping hand.
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