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Hello my fellow Ford Enthusiasts. Just traded in my 06 6.0 with 250,000 miles and left with a 2016 F-250 King Rancher 6.7 L and a payment I won't admit to.

My 6.0 was rebuilt and bulletproof at 220,000. Had KN cold air intake and exhaust system with super-chip programmer. But with 250,000 my Transmission was on way out and wasn't about to invest again.

So, now I got a factory 6.7. As I get older HP not as important to me as MPG. I do around 25-30,000 miles annually... My truck is my office a good amount of time.

My first of many questions is: "What programmer will I get the most bang for my buck with"? Obviously, I don't want to void my warranty.

Thanks in advance for any feedback &/or links to come.
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