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I want to say hello and introduce myself. New to PSN, but have been working on turbo cars for a while. Home base is Ventura County CA (commiefornia)

Bought an ’02 7.3 Excursion in 2011 and then a ’95 7.3 F250 in 2019

  • 2002 Excursion 7.3 xlt silver
  • 235k+ miles
  • 6” rancho lift
  • 37” nitto
  • RedHead Steering box
  • KC Turbo 300x 63/73 .84
  • AVP bellowed up pipes
  • 4" DP and straight piped
  • Non-EVBP ped and outlet
  • intake heater removed
  • 4 line fuel kit (w/fuel bowl delete)
  • Fuel block
  • Stg1 Hpop
  • Oil lines with x-over
  • RiffRaff IC boots
  • AirdogII 4G
  • Beans Micro Sump
  • 4R100 (trans # 2) we'll see how long this one last
  • Mishimoto MMTC-F2D-99SL trans cooler
  • FFD 180/30 with new cups
  • PHP Hydra
  • Brian Jelich Tunes (JeliBuilt Performance)
  • Edge CTS II (never getting this again)
  • New OEM upper engine harness and sensors
Still needs:
- Gears

New Project:
  • 1995 f250 2WD, twin I beam, extra cab, flatbed
  • engine is 7.3 out of a '97 - not sure of the miles.
  • +/- 6” Rancho lift
  • 35x15.5x16.5 TSL SX
Thinking this is how I might build this one:
  • t4 kit (IDP) with S366sxe
  • FFD 235/100
  • STG2 Hpop
  • Oil lines with x-over
  • trying to talk Corey into making the 4 fuel line feed kits to fit the IDP T4 Kit
  • CNCFAB,us Fuel Block
  • RiffRaff 3” Plenums
  • E-Fuel (just not sure if I’m going with AirDog again or maybe FASS this time)
  • weld-in bottom fuel sump
  • ARP Head Studs
  • BeeHive Valve Springs
  • pushrod upgrade
  • I would like to do a ZF5 swap
Anyway, I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions, so thank you in advance.


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welcome to PSN.

and sorry to see you are in commiefornia.

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my nephew is getting transferred out there july1.
he is one of Uncle Sams Misguided Children

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Welcome to the nation from WNC.

@tjctransport it's amazing the extremes your family will goto to get away from you

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bite me doc..
he is going out there to get away FROM YOU.
he said there are too many damn rednecks in North Carolina. :ROFLMAO:

the new base commander in Camp Lejeune want all new people, so Dan is getting transferred to Pendelton.
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